Apple Announces the iPad

3:34 PM

A guy named Wesley whose YouTube username is "CapriPrimal" came up with an idea back in November 2007 of a fake MAC product that he called the "iPad."
Today, January 27, 2010, Apple announced a new product that they also call the "iPad" which is pretty similar to Wesley's idea. Hmm....coincidence? Did the guy get credit for it? Who knows. But, watch the first video of Wesley's idea in comparison to Apple's video below.

But anyways...about the product. I had a conversation with my friend Mary and one of our biggest concerns was about the screen scratching. Ugh! I hate scratches on my iPhone, let alone on a huge iPad. But I looked at the accessories and discovered that there is an iPad Case that not only protects the screen but can be used also as a stand in an upright position to watch movies or in slanted position for the ease of typing, etc. Nice! That solves my concerns there.

I was also pleased to know that you can import photos directly from your SD memory card and the battery life last up to 10 hours. As big as it is, you would think it would weigh a ton. But it's actually pretty light, just a little over a pound. The size of it is slighter smaller than a sheet of 8x10 paper and definitely smaller than the Kindle.

But other than that....I don't know if I'm entirely sold on this product. I just got my iTouch for Christmas from my boyfriend and I can honestly say that I'm completely happy with that. =) But, I'm still waiting on the news when Apple finally ends their contract with AT&T and moves on to Verizon. It's about that time....

Watch the first video of Wesley's idea in comparison to Apple's video below.



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