Lindsay Lohan as Kate Moss in MUSE Magazine

10:32 AM

Lindsay Lohan gets nude in a threesome spread for the latest issue of MUSE magazine. There was 18 pages of this entire photo shoot. The pictures was inspired by the 4 year fiery love relationship between Kate Moss and Johnny Depp from back in the 90's. A couple who both struggled from their off and on relationship and drug addiction.

Photographer: Yu Tsai

Lindsay Lohan (as Kate Moss)
Petey Wright (as Johnny Depp)

Sofia Boutella (female invited to join the ménage à trois) who is also a friend of Lindsay Lohan and a dancer for Madonna.

How well do you think she did?

I know for
a fact that this photo shoot is going to stir up a lot of controversy, especially from Kate Moss fans. Watch the video below of the photo shoot.

Disclaimer: the video and the pictures that you are about to see contains content not appropriate to some viewers.

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