12:53 PM

I just had to share this video to you of my friends Chris and Melanie getting engaged. Chris, who lives in San Francisco, CA used to call me all the time for advice when he was first with his long distant girlfriend Melanie who is from the Netherlands. We both shared the same story of being in a long distant relationship with someone across the country (in his case, on the other side of the world) lol.

He would always contact me for advice when it came to dealing with a long distant relationship...or for ideas on things to do. Ideas such as "movie night." We both had the same struggles of people doubting a long distant relationship from both friends and family.....and to be honest, it doesn't matter what anyone else things....so long as it makes you happy.

So this goes to show, that long distance relationships do work out.

On top of that, Chris contacted me and is inviting me to the wedding and wants me to fly to San Francisco. I thought it was actually funny cuz I was telling him that yesterday my boyfriend wants to fly me to San Francisco for my birthday which is around the same time as his wedding (but actually on my boyfriend's birthday too). haha. Go figure!

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