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Contest Time!

I'm celebrating my 1st contest around one of my favorite holidays, "Halloween."

The theme of the contest is the "New York Halloween Parade." I was inspired to do this contest because many of my friends back home (California) tell me how they never been to New York and have always wanted to come. I even have people I have met through YouTube that have said the same thing. So I thought that this would be a cool way to get your imagination going and make you feel part of the New York Halloween Parade by participating in my contest as if you were going along with me. Anyone can participate. It doesn't matter if you live here or's open to everyone and it's international.

Now if you plan on being at the parade this year, please let me know! =)

The winners will be informed either by me or by a representative from "wowsocool" of Konad products. The company will mail the products directly.


1.) Must be subscriber.
2.) 18+ and older. Anyone under 18, needs parental permission.
3.) Unlimited entries. The more you enter, then you increase your chances to winning.
4.) Video response must be a TUTORIAL and UNDER 8 minutes (video or picture slide is okay)
5.) Hold a sign showing your youtube username with a sign that says something similar to this:
"___________ entry to QueenLeilan's New York Halloween Contest." (Fill in the blank)
6.) Entries must be submitted as a video response to this video only. Do not message me or send me a comment with a link to your video because I won't include it in the competition.
7.) Contest is international.

Please be respectful towards other contestants.


1st place - Konad Starter Kit which includes
- 3 image plates
- 3 nail polishes
- 1 stamp
- 1 scarper

2nd place - Starter Kit II
- 2 image plates
- 2 nail polishes
- 1 stamp
- 1 scraper

3rd place - Basic Starter Kit
- 1 image plate
- 1 nail polish
- 1 stamp
- 1 scraper

If you want to purchase products for yourself, you can visit and get 30% off by entering my youtube username "queenleilani" as the coupon code.
The 30% doesn't apply to the "Build Your Own Kit" because that is already discounted.

Thank you to "Wowsocool" of Konad products!

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