Dog Plays with Balls

5:00 AM

My boyfriend is a computer geek and a mastermind went it comes to building and rebuilding things from scratch. When we moved into our apartment during the summer, it didn't have a screen on the window. I was complaining about all the mosquito bites I was getting and since it was a hot summer, I couldn't bare having the windows closed. So instead of us just going to Home Depot to buy a screen for the window like a normal person would, he built it from scratch. haha. It took him several hours to build, but after have sore fingers after wards, he built screens for the window.

When our couch broke, instead of throwing it out and purchasing a new one....he rebuilt the couch and made it look like new.

We both are the type who like to entertain guests, even when it comes to music. So he rebuilt broken computers and wired up the entire apartment to have music play throughout the entire place from originally broken computers. That way, when we would have a party....the music would play throughout the entire house, rather than just from one room.

We only had cable in the living room, but sometimes, we wanted to watch tv from the bedroom. So he wired up and did some kind of connection where whatever is being watched on tv in the living room....we can watch the same thing in the bedroom.

I can go on and on about his creations. He is definitely very handy to have around and he never ceases to amaze me with his creations. I love him and I love his brain too. He's so smart! I love it.

So when I saw this video below, it reminded me of my boyfriend. I could totally see him building something like this. He is always building things.

If you can't see the video, click here to watch it.

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