ST550 Samsung

5:00 AM

My sister was the one that told me about the ST550 Samsung camera (video below). I was really excited when I found out that it has a self-image feature, which is a small LCD screen in the front of the camera so you can see yourself as you're taking a picture. It is perfect for when you're trying to take a picture with friends and you don't have to worry if someone's head gets cut off in the picture, then you have to retake it. I think that's an awesome feature! Because God knows how many times I've had to retake my pictures because of that. I think everyone likes the feature of being able to see themselves (vain , I know). haha.

There's also the child feature, which is a cartoon that plays in the front of the camera to entertain the child and keep it's attention for that perfect picture. I think that's perfect for my sister, now that she has 2 little babies.

So other than those two awesome features I just mentioned, I did a little research on reviews from customers who ACTUALLY bought this camera. Before I purchase anything, I do a lot of research on reviews. Because if there is anything I hate, it's when I buy something that is absolutely anything but what it's raged to be about. There were some customers who said they had problems deleting their photos and had difficulty navigating on how to do it. First of, I don't have the camera myself, but I think the customers who made those statements obviously didn't read the freaking manual...because it says, if you draw an "X" over the picture with your finger, an "X" box appears giving you the option to delete. Other reviews said that there is a feature called "Beauty Shot" which helps to perfecting pictures such as blemishes on the skin. One reviewer says that she has very shiny and greasy skin, but when she took the picture on "Beauty Shot" mode, the picture made her skin look matte which was a plus for her.

It comes in 5 different colors: Orange, Gold, Black, Red and Purple. Personally, I like the purple.
Samsung is really stepping up to their game since this camera is the first of its kind.

I'm going to hold off on my verdict on this camera, because since it just came out last month, there was not that many personal reviews on this camera. At least, the reviews are too soon to really give a verdict.

  • 1.5 Front LCD
  • 3.5 full touch screen main display
  • 720p HD movie (HDMI via optional cable)
  • Aluminum back cover
  • 12.2 Megapixels
From my understanding, these cameras have been selling out fast since it came out last month. If you want to find yourself one of these cameras, I did some research and found it on for $264.16 in the color red. (click here)

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