Shakira She Wolf Heels

5:17 PM

I told you on my last blog entry, that I was in love with Shakira's studded heels that she wore in her music video "She Wolf". I showed my sister her video and told her that I loved her heels. Well, it turned out, my sister was on the hunt for the heels too after I showed her the video. hahaha.

Well, I found a few different versions of copy cats. There are slight differences such as: one has black inner sole, red inner sole, some come in a silverish-gray tone, height of the heel, etc. It all depends what's best to your liking. Now are these heels still available for purchase? Eh, well I just found the heels for you, you just need to do the rest of the work and find out if they're still available. I checked some and saw that they were sold out in certain sizes (which includes my size). Good luck. But don't fret. Trust me, this will be the next hottest trend and next thing you know, even the chinese fashion stores will be selling these sooner or later.

Can you guess how much they are? Which one looks more expensive to you?

The one below that the model is wearing is by Balmain which is $1,575. This is more of a sandal since it goes between the toes giving more support. It zips up from the back of the heel so the studs do not stretch much. If you have thick ankles, this might be a little tight and a challenge. But I think they are still cute.

Here is a few brands that carry this similar style:

- Balmain
- Jeffrey Campbell
- BeBe
- Steve Madden
- Aldo
- Dereck

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