Kanye Ruins Taylor's Spotlight at the VMA

9:39 AM

I'm sure you all either saw or heard the rude ruckus that Kanye West stirred up during last night's VMA awards. Taylor Swift won her very first VMA award for "Best Female Music Video." As she was in the middle of her speech, Kanye came upstage and grabbed the microphone from Taylor's hand and rudely bursted Taylor's spotlight by pointing at Beyonce Knowles while screaming out "Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!" Basically he was letting it be known that Beyonce deserved the award over her.

Honestly, that was so rude and disrespectful towards Taylor. She is only 19 years old, considered still a kid in the music industry. As an adult, you don't do that to kids! It was basically a BULLY moment (in my eyes). Seriously, how childish was Kanye? He is such a man-child! I don't even know if that word exists, but it suits him just fine.

But Beyonce made up for it when she won "Video of the Year", she was quick to have Taylor come right back on stage and to finish her moment. Taylor and Beyonce both looked so beautiful in their red cocktail dresses. It was very classy of Beyonce to do what she did and she won brownie points in my book and earned so much more respect from me.

Taylor was later interviewed after the VMA about her incident with Kanye. She was very classy and a little humorous about the whole ordeal. She definitely did not stoop to Kanye's level and instead kept the interview short and sweet, which I'm sure made her fans love her much more and in fact gained so much more fans after last night's event.

Okay, let's break down Kanye's behavior. I honestly do not think that he roared upstage only for the fact to give Beyonce the credit he thought that she deserved. I think it was much deeper than that. I think it was because his constant battle with white v.s. black people. Do you remember the tv moment when he stood next to Mike Myers on live television and blurted out "Bush doesn't care about black people." Yeah, it was one of those moments again. I think it also had to do with the fact that he was enraged that he left the VMA another year, empty handed. It was childish and bratty moment. If you don't remember the last time at the VMA, he had a melt down when he didn't win an award at the VMA and live footage was found of him backstage, blurting out things like, "give a nigga a chance, give a black man a chance!" Well, you can watch the video below and you can come up with your own conclusions. For now, I hope Kanye apologizes to Taylor and he grows up. He may have earned more camera time and attention, but if negative attention is what he wants, then negative attention is what he will get.

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