FREE E.L.F. beauty products

12:36 PM

E.L.F. which stands for Eye, Lips, Face is having a sale to celebrate their 5 years in business. If you've never heard of E.L.F. before, it's a company known for offering great cosmetics and beauty products for $1.00 a piece! Products from anywhere from lip gloss, eyeshadow, makeup brushes, lotions, etc.

So what could possibly be better than paying $1.00 for makeup that's already cheap in price? How about only paying .50 cents for makeup instead? Yup, that's right. Pay only .50 cents! E.L.F. is celebrating their 5 year anniversary with 50% off studio makeup right now. Not only that, they are also having a special on top of that where you can get 5 FREE items PLUS a $5 gift card. Shipping is only $1.98 so if you order online, be sure to use the code 5FOR5FREE when you check out!

If you want to see a review on these products before purchasing them...then watch the video below.

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