TAG YOU! 6 random things

6:36 AM

I read this blog by Sunshine about 6 random facts about yourself and then tagging 6 blogger friends. I decided to do it myself. So if you get a message on your blog about this, that means you've been tagged.

Okay, i'm going to tagging the 6 bloggers as follows:

Society's Imperfection
Sherita's Beauty Blog
Stay Forever Young

Here are the rules:

- Link the blog that made the challenge
- Publish the rules of the challenge on your blog
- Write 6 random things about yourself
- Challenge 6 other bloggers to answer to the challenge
- Comment on those 6 blogger´s blogs

Okay, here it goes....

#1 random thing about me is....

- I miss it when I used to lay my head on my mom's lap and she would play with my hair and put me to sleep. Despite that we live in different states now, I still run my fingers through my hair to put myself to sleep and it reminds me as the little girl I once was that laid on her mother's lap.

#2 random thing about me is....

- I still like the old fashion way of writing long letters to people and mailing it to them. Despite the fact that the world is surrounded with the high technology of emailing, instant messaging, Twitter, commenting on Facebook or Myspace, etc. I know for a fact receiving a hand written letter brings a smile to ones face over a Facebook message.

#3 random thing about me is....

- I started working at the age of 12 at a local hair salon my mom went to frequently. I collected tips while sweeping hair off the floor and answering phones. It wasn't a lot of money of course. But it was enough for me to buy candy at a grocery store and sell it for a higher price to kids at my school. Cha-Ching!

#4 random thing about me is....

- When I was a kid I wanted to contribute to gift giving during Christmas with my family. So I used to rummage through my mom's clothes and re-wrap them and give them away to family members.as gifts. My mom was so embarrassed when family members started unwrapping gifts of my mom's lingerie and underwear. My mom looked at me asking me where I got the money for all the gifts. It was so funny because at first my mom looked at the gifts and said outloud "hmmm, that looks familiar." I think it wasn't until 3 gifts later that she realized it was all her lingerie and started grabbing back all her intimates from my family. Haha...I was a kid, what can I say?

#5 random thing about me is....

- I like baking over cooking. I like creating cakes and cookies that are 3-Dimensional. Although I haven't had time to bake in 3D lately, I still like to when I get the chance. I used to bake cakes and cookies as big Christmas trees and Ginger Bread houses and even for a Bachelorette Party baked a huge penis by request. Yes, I did say a penis! But hey it was by request! What can I say? It's not necessarily a creation i'm proud enough to boast about but definitely something I can laugh over. I really like watching tv shows that revolve around baking cakes that are not your traditional looking cakes. One of my favorite tv shows is Cake Boss where "Buddy" who is the owner of his late father's bakery creates the most fabulous cakes that some look like they just popped out of a magazine. The picture to the right is a cake he baked for Rachel Ray. It looks so nice that you just don't want to eat it. Watch the video below to get an idea of the show. See how Buddy's mother freaks out when he's

#6 random things about me is....

- I once thought my life was going to come to an end when my boat flipped while white water rafting and my leg got caught in branches under water. I fought to untangle myself to my last breath. I remember looking up while watching the sun through the water and the drifting boat that looked so far. I remember the entire time to remain calm to extend my energy and oxygen. I ended up untangling myself and losing my shoes on the way up through the rapids.

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