Shoe Vending Machine

12:37 PM

The United Kingdom came up with a genius way to fix and cure aching feet. When us women are out and about, maybe even at a club looking our best in our fancy dresses and sexy shoes...hours later of dancing can really pay a toll on your feet. But what if there were vending machines that sold comfortable ballerina slippers to ease you from your aching feet?

Believe it or not, this invention exists. It was created by the man named Matt Horan who came up with the idea after his girlfriend's feet always ached after wearing her heels for hours. They are called "Rollasole" and currently are only sold in the UK and are sold within clubs. They aren't hideous looking either. They are shimmery and come in the colors: black, gold, pink and silver.

I would love to see this idea brought to the USA. They come rolled up and in a nice packaging. If I purchased one, I would probably reuse it and carry it with me till I needed it again.

Living in New York and taking the subways while wearing heels can be painful, and not to mention, damaging to your heels. Any female New Yorker will tell you. I hate the fact that I don't wear my sexy heels as much anymore ever since I moved to New York. But it's only because by the time I get to my destination, my feet already hurt! I usually carry an extra pair of comfortable shoes with me in my bag. Besides, I know my boyfriend hates to hear women complain about how painful their feet hurt. So I know myself. If I know my feet will hurt, I'll bring a pair of comfy shoes. But I would really like to carry rollasole shoes since they are so compact.

I try not to complain about my feet hurting. Instead, I prevent it.
As Marilyn Monroe says: "A real woman doesn't complain that her feet hurt."

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