Naked Bike Ride

10:57 AM

World Naked Bike Ride

This past Saturday June 13, 2009 there were several NAKED bike riders that roamed the streets of New York protesting against oil dependency. As my friend Sherita says, "How in the world does riding bikes NAKED have anything to do with oil?" haha. I have to agree with her on that.

The protestors purpose behind all this madness was to encourage those to use subways, trains, bikes and so forth rather than using oil dependent vehicles thus ruining the environment with pollution. It seems as though these protestors wanted to make their point across and catch the attention of onlookers. Well, "attention" is definitely what they got. They even got attention from the police. Now isn't that a surprise? Police were yelling at protestors, "You better put on your clothes unless you want to go to jail for indecenet exposure!"

My friend Juan had me laughing when he said, "There are just some people who should just NEVER be naked."

Well, the cops ended u
p breaking up this event. Not surprised. But I read on a Village Voice article that there is another Naked Bike Ride event this Saturday June 20th in Central Park. Don't believe me? Read it for yourself. Click here.

As my friend Joe says,
"Note to self. Be VERY, VERY, VERY busy that day."

This is something I definitely would never see back in California. It's very strange. High five if you still found this entertaining. For days that are as strange like this, how could I not write about it?

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