I'm Scared of Bugs!

8:26 AM

Yes, I must admit...the title of this blog is incorrect. I'm not scared of bugs. No, that's an understatement. I'm terrified of bugs! I don't know why I am, but I just am. If I come across them I scream or jump and maybe sometimes both. But I can't stand them. Now I'm not talking about ants, flys or mosquitos. Those don't scare me. I'm talking more like spiders and millipedes and cockroaches. Ewww...how much I hate roaches.

I'm from California and I'm used to seeing bugs all the time and to be honest I was never really THAT scared of BUGS until I moved to New York. Why is that? Well, first off, the bugs in New York are rather HUGE! It's like a whole other species going on here. Plus, I've seen bugs that i've never seen in my life and it creeps me out. I've never seen cockroaches so big in my life! They're like midget dinosaurs. (I just made that up obviously, lol) I especially hate the ones that fly and jump. Errrr. I never even seen a millipede before until I moved to New York. When I come across a bug, I find myself doing 3 things: my body freezes up, I start doing the jumping dance, or I tip toe away. Haha. Yes, I admit, i'm a whimp.

So I found this girl name Natalie on YouTube whose username is CommunityChannel. She did a video about her same fear about bugs and I caught myself cracking up because i'm guilty of doing the same things that she does.

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