Jennifer Lopez - Where are you?

8:10 PM

You know who I haven't seen a music video from lately? Jennifer Lopez. I really miss her music videos...especially when she dances. I love love love dancing. When I used to be a hip hop dance instructor at 24 hour fitness, I used to teach my students numbers from music videos that you would see on MTV...including Jennifer Lopez's videos. It was something that was familiar to my students and it was fun for them as well as for myself. Besides, if they wanted to practice during the week...they can just catch it on MTV or search it on YouTube. I love this video below. My boyfriend and I are always dancing around the house...whether it's salsa or bachata and sometimes, merengue. I'm still new to Bachata and I find that I dance better when I'm at home with him. But get me in front of a crowd of people....I get shy and I end up messing up. lol

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