Last Cake Standing

7:04 PM

My favorite cake designer, Elisa Strauss does it again. She used to be a fashion designer but left the field to pursue cake designing. But apparently, it seems as though she found her medium when she made this cake. Yes people, that is a cake. Isn't it amazing? You can see the making of this cake this Sunday on the Foodnetwork Channel show "The Last Cake Standing" Sunday April 5th 8pm Eastern Standard Time.

If you've never seen the show before, let me give you a little info about it. There are 6 pastry chefs who battle against one another in four rounds to prove who can make a cake that is the best of the best. The first round will be that the chef will have to design a cake that tells a story about their life. Then the lucky winner will walk away with $50,000.

I blogged about Elisa before and her amazing work and have videos of her work. If you missed out on it, click here to check it out.

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