Animal Shelter

5:56 PM

I really miss my dog "Babe" back home. Technically, it's my parents dog but I love her just as much as they do. When I was sick with pneumonia and bedridden for nearly 3 months, I spent every waking moment with her and grew a very close attachment to her. When I was still living in California, we only had her for 5 months...and I spent 3 of those 5 months with her. We actually adopted her from the pound. Can you believe the original owners wanted to put her to sleep because they thought she required too much attention?

All she needed was LOVE
LOVE is exactly what we give her

This picture was taken the day before I left for New York. If you're wondering what's on my plate, it's heart shaped jello. My mom made this just for me. It's pineapple jello with pineapple fruit in it and topped with a cherry. My dog was starring at me eating my I thought it was a perfect opportunity to take a snap shot with my phone. =)

Living in an apartment has so many restrictions, including having pets. So I decided that since I can't have a puppy that instead I would volunteer at a pet shelter here in New York. They are always looking for people to volunteer. So I'm going to help volunteer by walking and playing with the dogs. I think that's their favorite part of their day, besides eating. Do you know how many animals are brought to the pound a day? The statistics grow daily and it's gotten to the point that shelters try to control the volume through more euthanizations. It so sad. So the way I look at it, why not show them as much love as possible?

I look forward to being able to adopt and rescue a puppy or dog from a pound one day.

If you're in New York, click here to locate a shelter near you.

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