Love Cake

1:20 PM

So yesterday I blogged about how I was looking for a baking recipe on YouTube to make with my boyfriend this week. I haven't found a recipe just yet, but I've been getting distracted with other awesome videos along the way.

The FoodNetwork is a channel my boyfriend and I like to watch for good recipes and ideas. Oddly enough, we haven't watched it together. LOL. The FoodNetwork is on YouTube and they had a Valentines Day Cake Contest. Obviously, the contest past, but I still thought it was cool enough to blog about. The rules were to bake a Valentines Day cake of any kind or any size and the best to win will feature on the FoodNetwork Channel for the show Ace of Cakes. A show that top cake designers compete against one another and put to the test to design the best in order to win the $10,000 prize.

There was some awesome videos from the contestants. But one contestant in particular that caught my attention was from this college student in Glendale, CA named, Jessica Leng. (see video below) She actually baked and built her 3 tier cake right from her college dorm room. How challenging is that? She recently opened up her own cake business not even a year ago, June 2008. She doesn't have her own shop, but she's rather content with just baking her cupcakes and cakes straight out of the kitchen of her home. I checked out her website, CakesbyJessica and saw her portfolio of all the other past creations. I have to say she is very talented. I thought I'd share her talent with you to admire as well.

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