Petrilude's Makeup Contest

11:05 PM

One of my favorite YouTuber's, Petrilude, is having a Makeup Contest. If you're just reading this and interested in joining the contest...well, you better get crackin' cause the contest ends @ midnight March 30, 2009. Before I explain about the contest, let me give you a little background on Joshua, yes people he has a real name and yes he's a guy who wears makeup. So what! Get over it. Petrilude is just his username on YouTube. He's a professional makeup artist in Chicago and a former freelancer for MAC makeup. He is a remarkable artist and can apply makeup like no one's business. His YouTube channel is very educational and I've learned so much from his video tutorials. He also has awesome Halloween tutorials. I can't wait for halloween. lol

Okay, back to the contest. The contest entails the use of this picture to your left of Waikiki, Hawaii. He wants you to use this picture for inspiration and to be as creative as possible. He along with several friends will be the judges. The cool part of the contest is, during the judging process, the judges will narrow it down to 10 people! Those 10 people will be put up on his website, and he will leave it up to the viewers to vote for the best out of the 10...YES, THAT'S YOU! So you get to participate in the voting poll as well. YAY! But of course, he says that if it starts to turn into a popularity contest, you best believe he will be stepping in. I am still pondering on whether or not to join this contest. The last time I checked, he had 323 contestants already who submitted their videos so far...and that was just from yesterday. WOW! That's a heck of a lot of people...and there's still 3 more days to go.
If you plan on joining this contest, WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE RULES!
Well, every contest has to have a prize! He will be giving away Kryolan makeup products as his prize.
  • 1st prize winner will get the Kryolan Aquacolor Palette plus 3 Kryolan eyeshadows in colors: red , yellow and lime.
  • 2nd prize winner will get the Kryolan Aquacolor Palette.
  • 3rd prize winner will get the 3 Kryolan eyeshadows: red, yellow and lime.
If you don't know much about Kryolan, then listen up. It's origin comes from Berlin, Germany and is used mainly for theatrical makeup. It has many great reviews on their products. One of my favorites so far from Kryolan is the color changing eyeshadow. Look at the sample picture to the left of the color swatches. Would you believe that this comes just from one eyeshadow? Yes, it sure does. What happens is the color reacts to friction. You apply it wet and it first starts off as a lemon yellow color. Once you start applying friction with either a eyeshadow brush or your finger, it eventually turns into a lime-green. Pretty, cool huh? I first learned about Kryolan from Petrilude. All these pictures are from his site as well. You should check him out.
Watch the videos below. The video entails the rules of the contest. The second video is Petrilude's inspiration of the Waikiki picture. Enjoy!

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