Oreo Lick Race

5:55 AM

Okay, I was going down memory lane and started looking through my archive videos when I stumbled across this one. It's the Oreo Lick Race I did with my friends on OoVoo. You're probably wondering, what is Oovoo? Well, it's a video chat program where you can chat with your friends from anywhere...and it's FREE! You just go to their website and download the program. You can have a 1 on 1 conversation...or you can chat with up to 6 people at once. It's pretty cool. The downfall is that there is a major lag sometimes and when everyone starts talking all at once, it gets pretty chaotic. LOL.

So I did an oreo lick race with my friends from all over the world and it was fun! (Watch the video below) 3 us raced against each other to see who can lick the cream the fastest, while the other 3 were the judges. I started laughing when I watched it again....so I thought I'd share it with you. This is what happens when boredom takes control of you. hahaha.

So you're probably wondering who all these people are, aren't you??
  • Mark aka Lordnugget (top left) - New York, NY
  • Charlie aka Charleeeboy (top middle) - Philippines
  • Mark aka Hellamark (top right) - San Diego, CA
  • Joann aka Luv4Mickey (bottom left) - La Puente, CA <<>
  • Chris aka Ckboy (bottom middle) - San Francisco, CA
  • Arlene aka QueenLeilani (bottom right) - New York, NY

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