Makeup By Me

6:35 AM

I love my Coastal Scents Palettes that my boyfriend bought me. Since I've moved to New York, I've been using them almost everyday. I like trying a new color everyday. I try to pair colors together that I've never paired before. Experimenting. Practicing. That's the only way you get better at putting makeup on.

Yes those are my eyes. I used a mixture of pink, purple, green, blue and yellow. 5 colors from Coastal Scents.

Almost everyday, random people complimented the way I did my own hair & makeup. People suggesting me to do makeup as a job. To be honest, I never really looked at myself as being someone "that good" at it. I just considered myself as someone who enjoys putting makeup on MYSELF. I'm not afraid to try new looks, bold colors, and outrageous styles. And if someone liked it, Great! I like to express my artistic side through my makeup.
My friends and family love it when I'm inspired and look forward to being the guinie pigs when I'm inspired. LOL.

My friend Lisa (left picture) has such beautiful skin. I did her hair and makeup. It just made it so much easier to do her makeup when you're already working with flawless skin. Not to mention, the camera loves her. This picture was taken during our pajama party night. We woul
d make it a point to have a pajama party night together at least once a month and do each other's hair & makeup. What girly girls we are. LOL.
My cousin, Nichole (right picture), I did her makeup for her prom. Both of these ladies are absolutely photogenic. I love them both and miss them.
There are so many more pictures of others that I've done and I'll eventually put them up little by little.
I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, especially from my favorite gurus. I've learned a lot. I've improved in my skills. I've been inspired. I've learned what I was doing wrong and what not to do. The list goes on. I have several gurus that I favorite that there is too many to name. But one of my favorite YouTube guru for hair is Ilovegerardo and for makeup one of my favortie gurus (who unfortunately doesn't do many tutorials) is monroemisfitmakeup.

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