Just Like Me - Jamie Foxx

6:00 AM

Jamie Foxx came out with a new song, "Just Like Me." Yes I'm talking about the same Jamie Foxx who played in the movie Ray. Watch the music video below, it's so cute!

This video reminds me of my boyfriend and I because we are so much a like. Except the "cheating" part that it talks about in the video. lol. Just the playfulness in the video is what reminds me of us and how we are so much a like. Really, we are. He even says the same thing about me. He says i'm a replica of him, but just in a different gender. lol

It gets kinda freaky sometimes...especially when I'm thinking about something and he can read my mind. Or when I'm at work in my office and I'm thinking to myself about something...and I'll get an instant message at that very moment with him giving me an answer to my thoughts. Crazy!

Everytime we are together, we're like a pair of kids. We are always playing jokes on one another, laughing, chasing each other around the house, playing pranks on one another, competing against each other. The list goes on. Well, I take that back. It's mainly me competing with him. LOL. He's just good at everything so I find myself competing with him sometimes, it's funny. We've know each other for 15 years now and I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. He pretty much has seen me grow up and seen the changes I've made throughout the years. Even though we've been dating for quite sometime, I love how we still go on dates together. It still amazes me that we are together because never in my right mind would I ever imagine it this way. But I love it.

Watch the music video below. The part at 1:45 cracks me up...because I am always doing a crazy ugly smile at odd moments, it cracks my boyfriend up. lol

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