How To Make Green Beer

7:34 AM

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great St. Patty's day yesterday. Did anyone notice that yesterday, the YouTube channel was green? I know, I'm weird like that. I notice the littlest things sometimes and I'm easily entertained by it. LOL.

YouTube is one of my favorite sites. You can really learn a lot off YouTube. There are people out there who actually take the time to make tutorials on just about anything for FREE. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were watching tutorials on how to do tricks in ice skating and how to make green beer. (see video below) You can even update yourself on what's happening on the news. If you missed an episode on your favorite show, you can probably find a clip of it on YouTube. Then there are just some down right ridiculous videos of people who just put theirselves out there and you just wonder, "why?!? why would you put this video up on YouTube?!?"

If you have a YouTube account, have you ever paid attention to your homepage? Do you ever pay attention to the videos that YouTube puts on your homepage labeled "Recommended for You?" Usually, it's videos that may be of some interest to you. But, then there are some off the wall videos that I don't know why in the world YouTube would think you'd find interesting. It's sometimes things that are really crazy! Pay attention next time. You might be amused on what you might find. For example, yesterday, a recommended video for me was this guy singing "Chocolate Rain." OMG! I thought I was watching the next William Hung on the worst of the worst from American Idol. I couldn't stop laughing. I literally had tears rolling down my cheeks from the humor. If you're shaking your head thinking "that's mean" what! Get over it. I find everything funny anyways. But hey, the guy is getting publicity. He had 35,425,237 views from when I last saw it and he's even
selling shirts. LOL. Watch the video for yourself.

If you can't see the video, click on the link.

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