Chimpanzee Attack Victim

7:02 AM

I heard about this over the radio while driving on the way to work this morning. I had to look it up and I was shocked about the Chimpanzee Attack 911 call, so I thought I'd share it with you. (Listen to Attack 911 call below)

On Feb 16th, Charla Nash, (picture to the left) went to visit her friend Sandra Herold who was an owner of a 200 pound chimpanzee by the name of "Travis".

Apparently, this chimpanzee acted just like a human. He was toilet trained, dressed himself, took his own bath, ate at the table and drank wine from a stemmed glass with his owner. He also brushed his owned teeth using a Water Pik, logged onto the computer to look at pictures, and watched television using the remote control. Travis the chimpanzee had also made several appearances in tv shows, such as "The Maury Povich show" and also ads like "Old Navy" and "Coca-Cola".

His owner said that he never had any agressive behaviors until one unexpected day. He attacked Charla, causing her to lose her hands, nose, lips and eyelids and may be blind with possible brain damage. Sandra tried to save her friend during the attack by stabbing her chimpanzee with a kitchen knife.
Travis the chimp was eventually gunned down by police. Sandra said that Charla has been around the chimpanzee several times before and Travis had never reacted. She said the only thing she could think of that could have started the attack was when Charla held a stuffed toy waving it in front of the chimp's face to get his attention. However, on the day of the attack, she mentioned to police that she was putting the anti-anxiety drug "Xanax" into the chimpanzee's tea, claiming he had recent signs of depression. Yet, after the attack, she denies ever making that statement.

Click here Chimpanzee Attack 911 Call

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