Chimpanzee Attack Victim - Part 2

4:03 AM

The victim, Charla Nash (picture left) that was attacked by a chimpanzee Feb 16th is still under critical condition. To read the original story on this topic and to hear the 911 phone call, click here.

The victim's family filed a $50,000 lawsuit against the chimpanzee owner, Sandra Herold. (picture right). Attorneys are also seeking an account of Sandra's assets—including six pieces of property she owns and her stake in a car dealership. The suit also alleges that on the day of the attack, Sandra had admitted to giving her chimp an anti-anxiety drug, "Xanax" which was not prescribe. The medication further upset the animal. Yet, she denies ever making that statement.

The 200-pound chimp, Travis, was agitated and ran out of the house. Sandra called her friend Charla to come to her house to help her get the chimp back into the house. Sharon said that Charla showed up with a different haircut and approached the chimp waving a stuffed animal to lure it back to the house.
The suit accuses Herold of negligence and recklessness for owning "a wild animal with violent propensities, even though she lacked sufficient skill, strength and/or experience to subdue the chimpanzee when necessary."

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