Viva La Juicy

8:55 AM

I found a new perfume that I want. It's called Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. I saw it at Sephora and got a sample to try out. I needed to test it out for a while to smell how it mixes with my body's chemistry. I think it's so funny how someone will have the same exact perfume as me and when I get a whiff of their perfume I'll say, "mmm, that smells good, what are you wearing?" Then it turns out, they were wearing the same exact perfume as me. What? How come that doesn't smell like that on me? That has happened to me so many times, where someone will say the same exact thing to me too. Funny how our chemistry works.

I think Viva La Juicy smells better than Juicy Couture's self named original. It has a sweet soft fruity smell, a combination between watermelon and vanilla. I saw some really cute rain boots on their website too. I was bummed out to see that they were sold out. BOO!!! (

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