Tapped in New York

8:46 AM

I read in an article about how the Los Angeles Times quoted New Yorkers as "idiots" if they paid $1.50 for a bottle of tap water. Non New York citizens even commented showing their embarrassment for such an idea to even hit stores. The new bottled water now in the market is called "Tap'd NY". The brains behind this idea goes to a 29 year old by the name of Craig Zucker who started his company 5 months ago. (see his picture to the right) He believes that people will buy New York water. (http://www.tapdny.com/)


I remember my boyfriend once telling me how different the taste of New York tap water is from anywhere and how essential it is, especially to pizza makers. The story has it, that the tap water is the secret to what makes the dough tastes so good. What makes it so different than anywhere? It's because how clean it is.

The filtering process to make the tap water safe to drink is what makes the diffference.
The NYC water is treated with: chlorine (to kill bacteria and viruses), flouride (to prevent tooth decay) and orthophosphate (which makes the water virtually lead-free).

My boyfriend even told me how people have actually had New York tap water shipped across the country. Seriously? I didn't believe it at first until I did a little research myself, because that just sounded ridiculous. LOL. But surprisingly enough, it's true. The taste of the pizza is completely different than anywhere and credits are said to go to the tap water. Well, I have to agree about the taste of pizza. There is nothing like New York pizza...mmmmm. But as for the tap water? I'm not 100% convinced yet. Is it the tap water? Or is the pizza maker just doing a fab of a job?
That's it! I'm getting pizza after work. All this pizza talk is making me hungry. LOL

Los Angeles Times article:

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